What is the Dutch Revolution?

One man's journey through life has led him to the conclusion that something needs to be said about the false beliefs and traditions that plague the Christian Fundamentalist Dutch Calvinists, of which I have been a part of for over fifty years. After deeply analyzing the relevant findings of Scientific Research against the "beliefs" of the Christian Church of the 21st century, I have discovered that there are many untruths about Christianity that most Christians are not even aware of.  When looking at the history of the church, the Bible, and of the translations of the Bible into other languages,  I have found that there is a disturbing trend that is just ignored by today's Christians. Not intentionally mind you, but because of ignorance of what they are actually confessing to believe. Even pastors who "teach the flock," don't know the basis for which they profess the Gospel to the congregations. Lifelong Christians raised in the church believe most of what they are told. It's been happening since childhood. The church tells you how to live your life. Based on the Bible, of course! But they choose what to preach, and what not to preach. They "guide" your beliefs along the path that they see fit.

The Revolution will expose all the beliefs of the Dutch Christian churches to be completely false. This will apply to other Christian denominations as well. It is truly amazing what is unknown among the masses, and it will surprise everyone!

The Dutch Revolution begins Sept 2017

                                Isn't  it about time for modernization of the Dutch Community and it's Medieval Beliefs? The Dutch Revolution will succeed where others have failed! We are 17 years into the 21st Century and still adhering to outdated traditions and beliefs.

It started with a simple idea which turned into a movement. Strife is rampant throughout  the world today. Religious factions are the cause of many of these bitter disagreements. As we become more technologically advanced, the ancient beliefs gradually begin to fade away. But the pace of this change is too slow. People embrace the traditions and beliefs of the past and are resistant to giving them up, even when Science and Technology shows many of them to be totally false.

Stay tuned and learn the truth!

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